Sunday run with le brother. #landingtakbo @gabriele_ramos πŸ‘«

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Post-birthday burp. #hangoverbusog 🌸 (at A.Veneto Restorante Pizzeria, Mall of Asia)
Anyare kagabi? Happy birthday Marichel! #artsyfartsy 😘❀️🌸 (at 71 Gramercy)
Happy birthday to my dearest baby girl.. My soul sister.. My love love bestfriend. I wish you all the happiness and blessings in the world! As always, I’m just here. Come what may.. Maumay kana! I love you! @cherabajante  (at Man Hann Mall Of Asia)
Lunch with this bunch! #kontrabidangtawa 😘 (at Conti’s Bakery & Cafe)
Kagandahan ng kasama ko oh! #mangobravo 😘❀️🌸 (at Conti’s Bakery & Cafe)
Hi. #repost 🌸
Thank you Mommy Ivy sa new squeaky toy! Hindi na tuloy ako pinapansin. #happydog 🐢❀️
Family love.. Best wishes Ate Mylene and Kuya Noli! #hindinamankamimagulo #saktolang ❀️
Congratulations Ate Maying! #cousinlove 🌸